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Some Central Otago businesses have been supporting Lake Wanaka SouNZ Inc since we were in nappies. If you'd like to treat your staff, convince your boss, or link in with other like-minded businesses, we have some cool options for you. And...thank you.

If you have a giant group of chums,
you're best to go HERE , share with friends via TicketFairy and have the chance to get your own ticket for FREE!

email info@tukifestival.nz 


Ssshhhh! Don't tell the crew! You know how much they'll be doing between now and Feb 8.

Lock in 20 to 50 people for a late Christmas party, an Early Easter party or just cos you love them.

Discount of up to 15%



Bring all the similar businesses together for the best day of their summer.

100 tickets =

marquee thrown in for only $500

If you're in the Creative Industries, get 8+ people together for a 10% discount & no booking fees